Orange Clockwork/P7/early steel frame.

The Bear

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As title I am looking for an early Orange frame for a rigid build. Ideally a 10th Anniversary Clockwork but any 1/8 head tubed Orange will do. Any out there please?( I have seen the free one in the For Sale section, cheers)


Karma King

Immaculate condition Clockwork frame and forks with original decals?

It's a '92 - therefore with threaded forks of course - so not sure if that fits your bill.

Only picture to hand at them moment, but can get more together if interested.

Was bought from original owner because of my obsession with wishbone rear stays, but I'm aiming to start 2021 more 'focussed' and may as well start early.


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The Bear

Retro Guru
Thank you. I've no preference on age other than it has to have a1 1/8" head tube as I have a set of F7 (?) forks with the rear mounted brakes to go on.