ok, so Orange, it sucks but alot of us love them, shows us all your Oranges over the years!


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i was thinking how many Oranges i have had, here's the list.

bought new:-
1995/6 nickel P7 (last bike before getting in the trade)
2007 limited edition clockwork number 200 of 200, firstb oarnge as i was back at an Orange dealer, have stuck with mostly ever since
2008 orange ST4, cracked it, got a replacement Strange ST4
2014 Orange 5 in white, took it to NZ, 2 years later had it painted norlando grey
2019 P7 in gun metal grey
2019 Orange 4 in sterling silver
2020 i think Alpine 6
2020 orange 5
2022 oarnge 5 evo
2023 stage evo

bought used or retrbike related
1991 clockwork
3 x Aluminium O's
Aluminium Elie limited gold
1995 E3
1995 vit T2
1994 nickel P7
1994 P7, painted white
2006 patriot

so that's quite a lot for one person

here's the pics of what i can find. some of the bikes some of me on the bikes around the world. so come on show us where you've ridden them and show some love for the brand

thisd is in Morzine with my Alpine 6

this is in Fairfax California with CK and the late Pat Reddix AKA fairfaxpat, and my buddy B3 from NZ

This is on the Flume trail in Lake Tahoe

this is at Haka Falls NZ

batman at mountain mayhem

the infamous "10 percent" on the Pleney DH track in Morzine

HONC on my 2007 clockwork

an early retro ride on the Isle of Wight with @Augustus amongst others
more pics

this is on the Isle of Wight, might have been the same ride as the pic with Gus.

Evo 2 racing the Salisbury Plain winter event

this was a magazine shoot, on my ST4, got told off as it wasn't an official trail, there were letters to the editor etc

first ever organised retro ride on the Isle of Wight, big turn out, maybe 25 riders, i'm on my 1991 clockwork here.

this was my "winter P7" it was rough when i got it, so instead of sorting the nickel plate i got it powder coated white, base spec for winter gravel track riding before garvel bikes were a thing

nice close up of the Vit T2

my first ST4
the more recent stuff, most of which i still have

freshly built "Aluminium O"

my New Stage Evo

My Alpine 6
orange 22.jpg

my custom speedwork, recently sold it though, customer said it looked terrible, 3 weeks later he insisted i sell it to him!
orange 23.jpg

my Phase ebike, but turned it 27+ and beffed a few things up!
orange 24.jpg

my % Evo, frame and forks are for sale as i just got the stage evo to replace it. this was in the Alps last summer, riding around to Chatel

my old orange 5, january 2020 in New Zeakand, this is outside Peter Jackson's film studio, the Weta Workshop where the special effects dept is, i used to ride with a lot of those guys

this is my go to bike, my 2019 P7, built 27+, love it.

my Orange 4, long gonem didn't ride it enough but i reallu liked it.
Now I think about it,I've owned more Oranges than I'd remembered 😅. I guess I just fell into being a bit of an Orange fan, grew up in Yorkshire and gawped at them in Stif Cycles & saw so many at races in the 1990's👍

1993 Prestige is where it all started, still ridden occasionally...

Briefly had a Tushingham B-52 (almost an Orange 😉)....

Then a 2000-something P7....

Then the Retro P7...

A 2008/2009-ish Orange 5, which saw plenty of use...

And latterly there's been the Orange Dynamo road bike,
and my current ride is a 2021 P7 29er which I'm planning to race a few local enduro races on this year, in the hard tail category 😀...

Wow!! ^^^ 😮 @Cheshire1980.

Wasn't my Dynamo yours previously as well?

Forgot I have a Formula frame in my parents garage still, Dave Yates built I think, probably beyond saving tbh, but plan I get it looked at sometime.