Offered as trade Syncros Powerlite/Accutrax/BrodieGator+more


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Im offering up these forks as trade bait. Im hoping to offer up some rare items in hopes to acquire some equally rare items for my various incomplete bike builds. The black Accutrax is 1 1/4" I need one that is about 6” long. I have plenty other stuff id offer up as trade as well. My wanted/needed list is below..

Accutrax 1”, steerer 4 5/8”
Accutrax 1 1/4”
Brodie, potential 1” or 1 1/8” option
Syncros, potential 1” or 1 1/8” option
Curved Bontrager 1”,

My List of parts needed for projects.

Umma gumma tires in Red,
Onza porc white
Tioga disc drive wheel,
Hed DH wheels
Bullseye hubs(any colour) or a black rear freewheel.
Cook cranks
IRD seatpost Blk 26.8/ Stem 1”
Atac stem/Accutrax 1 1/4 with noodle.
Brodie Fillet stem/ Tig stem
Fillet brazed stem/fork
Fillet Brazed U brake fork 1”
Fillet brazed Ritchey force stem
Fillet brazed bullmoose
Yo eddy fork
Cook stem
1 1/4" XT headset
IRD forks/stem or brakes
WTB roller cam. Need either a single set of silver or Blk.
IRD U brake
lawwill leader
Marzocchi RAC
Klein Mission Control headset.
Oakley grips
Etto Helmet
Fillet Brazed Rocky or off road Toad. Rocky Mountain Wedge E stay.



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