Nuovo record groupset parts, gp4 rims, isca tornado saddle,


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Parts wanted for a Raleigh Team Replica 12 refurb.

Nuovo Record Groupset parts

Brake levers
Front and rear calipers

Chainset 170mm 52/42

Rear mech patent 82

Isca saddle or good condition black turbo.

GP4 rims 36 hole

I have a seat post (27.2), hubs, pedals and a front mech (band) but will consider better condition ones if available.


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Nuovo Record rear mech pat 82

Some pics of the rear mech. Really nice condition with no major scratches and no looseness at the joints. The jockey wheels are replacements, with ball bearings, and spin wonderfully. I like them, and they're probably more or less period correct as well (I've had them ages, anyway.) If you were bothered about authenticity, a pair went on ebay yesterday for less than a tenner.
Would like £30 posted for this, as it's my last one and they're going for silly money on ebay now.

GP4s to follow...


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36 hole GP4s, red label version. I've only recently taken these off their hubs, and the wheels were true and round. Light wear to the braking surfaces, but loads of life left in them. Anodised surface is in very good condition, with no major scratches. No flat spots or dings. Some of the eyelets are a bit tarnished, but not badly rusted -- all the brass nipples were free moving still when I de-laced them.

Sadly, the red Mavic labels have had it, and the text on the gold GP 4 stickers is pretty faded. The builder's stickers (Soens in Liverpool) have fared much better, so I think it reflects the robustness of the stickers rather than harsh treatment of the rims. I've had the same problem with red label MA40s (from new) in the past. I think you can still get the stickers on the internet if it bothers you.

I've left the glue on them, but it is old and comes off very easily, leaving a very clean surface. I don't think these have ever been used much, in line with the rest of the components on the bike they came off.

Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish -- bad light and bad photography on my part. If there's anything you want to see more of, let me know and I'll try to get some pictures in the light tomorrow. I'd like £15 for these, plus whatever postage in a proper wheel box is.



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Brilliant Nick, any of the gp4 rims that I have found for sale appear to be well worn, replacement mavic gp4 decals are available so that won’t be a problem.