News Retro Bikes linked to Covid


Retro Guru
damn you Latin and your usefully amigous words to the modern age, damn you all the way to Greece. :)

last time I visited our local, volunteer led, bike recycling scheme (worth a look if you're in the warrington area, Walton Lea, they do good work with folks that have special needs) one of the guys came wandering up the path with a box containing a full 105 group set (could have 5800, could have 7000) that was brand new as well as a set of mavic kosmics. not a chance was he going to talk to me about parting with it. I don't tend to want the bikes, but sometimes I want to hunt for parts, they don't allow it though. :(

it's not always the case, and for the most part it's BSOs, but occasionally they have a little gem in there, including some jolly nice old lugged builds that I think are the lead volunteers passion.