new to the forum and would like some advice on this frame please


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Hello all

I have only just joined the forum so feel free to move this topic if it is in the wrong place.

I recently purchased this frame, see attached and am in the process of restoring the bike using some of my old trek 7000 parts. I am uncertain of the exact model as the front is a shoreline trail but I was not sure if the rear was too. it seems a bit newer but I could well be wrong. It is aluminium as well as the front frame. with no disc mount only v brakes studs

The number on the BB is 9934EE but I am unsure how this reads as a year and place of manufacture. If anyone can shed some light on this I would be very grateful. Currently it is stripped to bare metal and waiting to be painted.

I am thinking of changing the rear shock and albeit the current shock is 183mm center to center closed and 200mm fully extended I think I read on another page of the forum that they are supposed to have 165 mm shocks fitted

any help identifying it would be great and if anyone had a schematic of the rear suspension that would help a lot. So far I have not been able to get anything from Marin regarding the rear suspension installation. Currently I have a selection of washers and some aluminium spacers but I am unsure of the spacer requirements between frame and swing arm.

Thanks in advance



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That doesn't look like the original rear for that front, but they are interchangeable on most models. I think I have the same shoreline trail and ours has a grey/silver rear end. Some of the early rears were prone to cracking, and warranty replacement / upgrades were not uncommon.
There were a few variations on shock length but what fits fits, if you catch my drift. If it's too long it won't fit. Not really the sort of thing you can change without messing everything up - of course if everything is messed up then maybe it's had an incorrect shock fitted at some point.


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As above that's not the original rear end, but probably better off for it. It would have originally had a cro mo steel rear swingarm. The blue aluminium one will be stiffer and save a chunk of weight.
I think it's a 1999 front end, not sure on the swingarm.

Many similarities and some info here :

With it being post 1998 I'll move this thread to the post 98 section of the forum.

And welcome by the way. :)


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Hello RickTheUncivil and drystonepaul. I am grateful for the replies. I am hoping the forum will be a mine of information. It is great to see such a cross section of topics and I hope that I can both obtain info and if able provide some back to others.
I will use the post 1988 section in future. Re the shock length: I will wait till it is being re assembled and have a look to see how it sits with various lengths of sock before I buy a new one.