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New here and just got my Titanium Red out of my dads loft after 15 years! Built circa 1995 by my uncle, mostly with bits he had lying around. I’d like to replace components with period correct XTR and service the Manitou (think they’ll need new elastomers and strip, clean and regrease) as well as replacing other parts with lightweight bits, titanium saddle etc. the idea being I’ll use this to do school run. Interested if anyone has seen one of these before or knows much about them!



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Russian Titanium, pushed heavily around 94/95 and gone by 96 - got given a hat and a poster from them at Bike 95….

Maybe had a catalogue somewhere at the parents place too…


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Get more / better pics up!
Thanks, I will do so this weekend. It’s up in my loft at the moment. I remember them being pushed heavily, not sure where my uncle got the frame, he went through a lot of bikes in the 1990’s, probably still does as he has a bike shop! When first built he let me use a titanium front wheel (hope ti hub and to spokes). The thing was super light. I’d like to upgrade the parts over time to get the weight even lower.

Bike 95! That brings back some memories. I was at both Bike 95 and 96. First time I travelled to London alone. I was mid teens!!

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thats a very tidy example ... I can remember the Titanium Red stickers being on the front cover of an MBUK mag along with Mint Sauce etc
(always preferred MTB Pro to be honest)

BTW if your uncle had left Hope hubs in there I guarantee they would be in bits by now as they crack like hell

agree with Mr B would be good to see some nicer Pics -