new drivetrain for '94 Kona Fire Mountain ?

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Hello, first post, looking for advice on keeping my old Fire Mountain going ! My owned from new '94 Kona is starting to need some TLC, the front mech has begun to rattle, it looks like the pivot pin is worn. The label has long worn off, but the rear mech is an STX with 11-28 7 speed cassette. Looking at the old catalogue it should be an STX front mech, but mine came with grip shift [ not the dx top shifters as specs'd in the catalogue ] so maybe it was the Altus that usually came with the Hahanna ? anyhow I guess it will be tricky to get a new front mech to fit? seems like 29mm [ maybe 28.7? ] seat post tube. Options... ? will any new mech work ? do I just bin the lot and fit all new 1x set up. Can I get a wide range cassette to fit the 7 speed hub? is there a reasonably priced 3x7 groupset available new? Any help / advice appreciated....


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Did you get this sorted out, or learned more since posting.
From experience, buy the best you can afford.
Decide on whether you want to keep it stock, upgraded, or just affordable new.
Most 7 speed Shimano stuff is fairly interchangeable. Just bear in mind if you have any megarange, you'll need to pay a little more attention to rear mech, cassette and shifter compatibility. I'd swerve anything Mega anyway unless you found a deore mega9 cassette.. but that's just an aside.
Alivio will sort you out if just replacing bits out one at a time, slightly better than Acera and Altus. Try to avoid Tourney, but all will work.
Personally I'd hold out for finding replacement STX even if being patient.
But I'm old and like things standard most of the time!


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IIRC it had an 11-30 cassette, you can get a 12-32 from SRAM (try Spa cycles).
Those front mechs were horrible and rapidly wore exactly like you say.
Any 7/8/9 speed Shimano MTB rear mech will work well. I'd go for a Deore for best value, LX or XT for durability.