Neglected 1996 Stumpy A1


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Picked this up recently, looks like it's original apart from the tyres. Going to try and breath some life back into it using as many of the original parts as I can.

Can anyone please tell me the diameter of the seat tube clamp?IMG_7255.jpg

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It will be same as the front mech diameter… if you remove the mech it should say on the inside…. Otherwise use vernier callipers to measure the seat tube around an inch below the top tube joint… 👍
Vernier callipers are one of the best investments I’ve made in this game ….


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Very nice, will you go with a re-spray? Paint isn't too bad except for a few areas of corrosion, those cranks would polish up nice, always liked those ones, Sugino made for Specialized I believe. Any life left in that fork? The Dia-Compe levers are potentially safeable with some masking and re-spray. I've really been getting into saving old parts and making them new again lately


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Thanks Canuckbiker, not sure on the frame respray yet, its a pretty simple single color. What I might do is see how well all the parts come up first and make a decision from there. You are right its great breathing new life back into old parts, the Dia-Compe levers have sanded back really nicely and I an sure will look great for a coat of paint and poloished arms.

As for the forks, they are completely seized, and the paint work is in a real state. Hopefully I can strip them back.