Muddyfox Courier - project


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Hi All,

So ive been riding around om this for a few years now, but have decided it need some love.

I was about to strip it, paint it black, resticker it (my wife makes high quality vinyl stickers) and give new brakes and levers etc. Everything else works perfect.

Before i did this i thought id do a bit of research on it, but have come up completely short. I cant find anything that suggest that this bike exists?

Anyome have any ideas before i go and paint it and find out its mega rare and im a idiot?


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I may be wrong as the stem is different but looks in all other respects the same as the one in this thread

Hopefully someone more knowledgable than myself will be along shortly to confirm/correct!


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That's a rare one that. It's the MF version of the Tushingham B52 (precursor to Orange) where they apparently split dev costs and MF went with Shimano group on the Courier rather than Suntour. That looks in good condition and as you noted just needs the correct stem and a tidy up.