Mountain Mayhem 2011 - Official Aftermath Thread

Stonker of a weekend, much more to follow from me once I've settled back in at home.
Epic weekend in so many ways, need to sort myself out before adding anything else

Well apart from a very big thank you to all involved especially on the Flatlanders team
Thoughts from the weekend:

-Faces old and new, great to meet some new friends.
-Friday, despite the occasional rain the evening activities made for a great night.
-Heathy’s nicknames. Mick Dundee, Ice Road truckers, Log chopper, etc.
-The presentation of riders, nothing like putting people on the spot.
-A great concours competition, some stunning entries (including one that finished 7th overall in the 1992 Grundig World Championships). Gravy Monsters Saracen took first prize on the night.
-The surprise hit that is international Jenga continues.
-Ededwards scotch egg diet, it certainly plugs things up!
-Shower gel, just the 3 bottles this year.
-One lap not being enough for Elpedro!
-When you break a rib, don’t pull up at the heckling tent. Do see Orange71 though, he has strong drugs!
-A team of heroes, a man down but they kept on going. Team Bear Necessities are winners to me.
-Etto helmets, great for draining rain into your glasses and eyes.
-DJ Bernard and his light show, impressive stuff.
-The fashion sense of mr k :shock:
-Twice the bear than I expected.
-Sticky conditions, stutter bumps and long climbs.
-The loud speaker. mr_ship and I met a bloke at the motorway services on the way home who mentioned it when he saw our RB Mayhem t-shirts. His team couldn’t believe the campsite had to be cleared by 1230!
The megaphone was a winner.

The camp and position was a winner.

The people were all winnners (except for the losers).

The weather was almost a loser, but ended up a winner.

That crap dh field was a loser.

My freehub was a loser.

Eds puncture was a loser.

Fri bbq was double winner.

Retrobike as whole. Amazing. Great weekend again.
great weekend just a shame i had to leave before the end.

Will definateley be joining a team next year( hopefully "The Clydesdales" :LOL: )
Well - that was hard work and I was glad to be in a team of 10 so that I only had to go round once. I was so slow I'm sure Sinnett lapped me on the route - or maybe I was delerious by that time!

And yes- despite sliding around a lot and walking more than I want to confess it was good fun. I heard a whisper that we may even be on for a ladies team next year - now that's a scary thought!

Oh and the best bit was the cheer I got from you guys when I finally made it past the heckling tent!

Here's a couple of photos Adrian took to start the gallery!


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