For Sale Misc parts: XT M73X, XTR M901, Deore LX brake-shifer levers.


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Hello good people of Retrobike.

I'm new here so I thought to start by selling parts. I have too much, I need to thin out.
These are my own and I am just a normal hobbyist. My ebay satisfaction has been 100% (as a buyer).

I'm selling:

- Shimano XTR FD-M901 front derailleur, 28,6 diameter, top pull, NOS
Never installed, never driven. May contain some "shelf ware". 70e

- 2 x Shimano XT FD-M736 front derailleur, 28,6 diameter, top pull, NOS
Never driven, never installed, with some "shelf ware" 40e a piece

- a pair of Shimano XT M732&M730 Hubs, 36h, NOS
These are also NOS but shelf wear specially on the texts! 50e for the pair

- Pair of Shimano Deore LX ST-M060 brake-shifter-levers (The pre '93 model.)
These are used but in a good driver condition. Freshly serviced, shifters cleaned/lubed. 35e for the pair

All the pictures are below and hopefully in the correct order. Contact me here or via PM. Payment via PayPal.
Please tell if you want/need detaled pictures of anything. Postage 20e/shipment. Parts are in Finland.

XTR.jpeg XT FD.jpeg XT Hubs.jpeg XT Hubs 2.jpeg M060.jpeg M060 2.jpeg
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