Mercian Canyon 1991


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Hello everyone that’s interested in my latest build.
This is my going to my first build thread on here so hopefully it will be ok…

I seem to collect British steel framed bikes so naturally I had to purchase this frame, forks and stem off the original owner a couple of months ago. (Ebay)

It was a bit of a financial gamble as it needed a dent in the top tube repairing as well as a slight bit of strange damage to the seat tube as the original owners relation had used it with a kids bike trailer attached.


I had a few ideas of colours and also considered the original gold too but decided on…

Will try and update tomorrow depending on work etc with more info and photos.
Nice :cool:
Look forward to seeing what you do with this. I’m a dirty patina monkey so love the old original gold, however always happy to see what had inspired you! There are no rules, despite what other tell you!
Was keen on this myself but I felt it was just a bit too pricey for what needed doing to it. (I'm tight)

If you strip it down would be good to see if the stamped seatstays are just filled in or if they used just plain ones for some reason.... Certainly a neat feature l would have expected.


And I quite like the gold 👍
A bit more of an update now it’s back from Mercian for repairs and paint with a bigger bill than expected but I think it’s worth it :)

I managed to get the original order receipt which is nice and also emailed it to the original owner which bought back some good memories for him.


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