MBS mountain board.


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My neighbour is clearing out his garage and just gave me this:
IMG_3642.jpeg IMG_3643.jpeg
It needs a bit of a refresh but looks to be in great nick - lovely maple deck too.
Anyone on here have any experience with these? I’ve never tried one but it looks a lot of fun, I should be able to get this ready in time for warmer weather..
I used to borrow a friends board quite often when I had my Fexifoil Blade.

Great fun and really forgiving with the suspension and tyres.
It's been a few years since I rode one but I loved it. The last time was up in Bideford, Devon, where they had dedicated tracks and ramps into a foam pit. Great fun!
Also had fun on these 15 yrs ago. There was a hill in surrey that we used to go to, as well as being nearly killed a number of times under traction kites.

No brakes, so practice powerslides early! Lower tyre pressures = slower.
All good advice, thanks. Honestly, my initial reaction when have gave it to me was ‘that looks like broken bones waiting to happen’. Guess I must be getting old!