Maxxis ikon 26 tyres


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£25. Seems like a good deal for fresh rubber for a modern 26er or your daily

Inbred was the first bike we made round about 2000.

On-one was not even born when in the late 90s I decided I needed a steel single speed .

I’m no frame designer but I know a littke bit and I had been around early 90s mountain biking wh er n I was Rocky Mountain distributor .

Anyway inbred was based in fat chance yo eddy geometry with a dekeeff style rear stay and the large sample had an increased top tube to 57cm because all my bikes always have 57cm top tube .

Made sample, arrived and sat there for 2 years in the corner of the office unbuilt.

In walked Brant one day ,”what’s that “ oh it’s a sample I made 2 years like a twitchy steel single speed multi tasking all rounder but I’ve never got round to building it so he says “can I take it” so I say ok

Calls me 3 days later “this bike is amazing , let’s make 100 and start a brand together “
Well it was above that but took us 12 years .

Few 26 bargains just gone up for you guys .

Five quid for a few Ritchey 26 inch wire bead .

Tom slick
And these

Ritchey Speedmax Beta Tyre 26 x 2.0 30tpi Wire Black​

Straight from our recent Ritchey delivery when we bought 3000 tyres on a big closeout