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As I was bored today I thought I'd build this up. I bought it from the original owner with gripshifts, Avid levers, White Industries bits etc but I didn't like them. I've replaced all the XT bits with M950 XTR (awaiting Baz to drop the front mech off). I didn't like the miss match Mavics with White Industry front/XT rear wheel set so replaced with Pultsar/Rigida wheels. Switched out the WI chainset for a Middleburn one (I do have an M950 just in case I change my mind).

Frame - Marin Titanium
Forks - Manitou 4's
Headset - XTR M900
Stem - Syncros
Bars - Syncros
Brifters - XTR M950
Mechs - XTR M950
Brakes - XTR M950
Chainset - Middleburn
Wheels - Rigida Turbo 9/Pulstar Hubs/Hope Ti skewers
Seat post - XT M730 (shocked that this was still available 95/96).
Seat - none, I've run out of Flites!


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Waiting for a mate to come round with the front mech, then I'll cable it up and nick the Roberts Flite... best hurry, beers are flowing lol