Marin team 95?

Daddy Giraffe

Dirt Disciple
This is an odd one - I had a 94 Team BITD and it looked just like this (when it arrived) but it was XT v-brakes. No roller on the stem, and I don’t recall a canti stop on the rear. So if this is a late (95) frame why the LX (?) cantis with fuselage hardware (I.e. they don’t look like retrofit after squeaky V frustration)?
Either way - nice bike, tempted to relive my 20s
Old thread I know, but it rings bells from when I was building a replacement for my broken BVSE out of a 95 Team frame, which still had its canti bar. I’m sure Teams were using cantis even in 96. The Team Issue that year wore XT Vees, and a year later they seemed to be on everything from Eldridge up.