Marin Mount Vision Pro 1999 Swingarm


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How can you identify which generation a swingarm is. Are there identifying features on the later generation ones?

I'm looking at one, and am concerned regarding whether the swing arm is one of the ones more likely to crack?
they got progresivley larger ie the top box section was much larger on the third generation also disc mount. Also colours may give the game away,Mount vision rear ends were orange on early models.

The first generation swing arm had a tubular top section!!

Not a very good discription i'm affraid.

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thicker with disk tabs.

Thats what Marin replaced my swingarm with when the original one carcked like an egg.
This one hasn't got disk tabs, and is square section so must be 2nd gen?

Any idea if the third gens can be picked up?

As a replacement from Marin? ATB Sales. lifetime warranty!

Second hand?

Someone on here must have one ?

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First picture shows a first generation 1997 swing arm - the type that cracked.

Second picture show the lastest generation swing arm with disk tabs - this cost £200 and I was told there was only one more left in the country (18 months ago) after I bought this one from Marin.


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So, between all these posts you have four of the five single pivot FRS swing arms. The 2000/2001 swing arm was a smaller strut design much as the 1999 one. After 2002 model year, they switched to the Quad Link design (correct me if I'm wrong).

Now, does anyone have a Fox Alps 5R, to fit a '98 model, I can buy?!