Marin Fork lengths and fork identification.


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Hello, bought a NOS Marin fork as it was affordable, nice and ahead.
Had a look at the catalogues here on and the best match I could find was the 1996 Indian Fire Trail. What do you think?
The different markings are on the photos. The shaft - 193mm - is stamped Spinner and 193F737B. Axle to crown seems to be round 410mm (for suspension corrected frame?).
Would be nice to hear what you think.

And maybe some info on when Marin started with these 410mm forks. Otherwise they are 390-5mm, aren't they?
Kind regards, Pio


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marc two tone

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Ah yes, marin were comparatively slow to go A -head with the steerer. Meaning 1996 was the first real year of it.
Damn nice looking bikes too, especially eldridge and pine mountain.
Early threaded rockstar forks were factory conscious measured at...
134mm for 14>16" frames.
153mm for upto 17.5.
And 183mm for 19".
Sure theres a 205mm for the 20.5..

And 390mm a to c.

Anyhow, your 193mm steerer accommodates a wider variety of frame sizes and portable across the 1996 range.
Colour is everything with marin and, if indian fire trail is the best match then, that's your man. Where, other models may have had a different colour of texture, say satin instead of polished, though very similar at a distance.
410mm was definate by 1997 when the forks were painted. But 1996? Im unsure if the exact axle to crown measurement.


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Hi, Marc!
Thanks for your reply and info, interesting!
I remeasured it a bit more exactly and it seems to be 405mm a-c. Chrome plated not nickel plated, I think.
I agree with you, the -96 Eldridges and Pine Mountains are gorgeous looking bikes.👍👍👍