Sorted M8 Cantilever mount/boss


Retro Guru
I'm after a Cantilever mount/boss which is threaded all the way to the top, as seen in the picture. Preferably silver please.
Thank you 1000051328.jpg
It's taken me a while to find this/take a photo, but sorted things out in the end:

No need for you to pay anything for it seeing as I remember you as a good customer from my recent bumper MTB clearout on the site, just glad to help. And of course the canti boss isn't the colour you'd most prefer. But I'd ask if you could pay £1 to cover postage costs. Possible you'd still have my payment details on a PM, but if you've since deleted them then let me know.
Thank you so much. Could you please PM me your PayPal details again as I cannot match to your username.