Lifers BMX film.

I really enjoyed this, guys my age still riding, great to see.
Thank you for this, it was very enjoyable. I grew up racing BMX in the late 70's, early mid 80's was into freestyle and had a half pipe in my mothers garden, great times. I moved on as the boys did in this film at that point but got back into riding around age 36, new bike, new ideas, rode a few parks around Scotland for a while, broke another few bones then moved on again. Am now 51, no sure if the old hips would like a fall from 6 foot out a 8 foot vert ramp or concrete bowl.

Me approx 1987 - in the garden ramp:

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I never had a bmx as a kid. I was an oddball, would ride my skateboard when the guys were out on their bmxs. Still have the nostalgia for the scene, but never had any skill, so I don't feel the need to try and relive it. I definitely enjoy getting out to the track when I can though, Lil Thundrrr has taken it up, and it's great to ride with him
put it down in my teens when girls and big wheels were a thing. picked it up again mid 30's, still had the old bike, bought a new bike, never really progressed back on to ramps (skate parks near me were few and far between, it was all dirt for us, no verts, half pipes etc. within riding distance).

both are back in the loft, no. 1 son isn't showing any interest so I'm unlikely to ride with him anytime soon (he loves his bike, but it's for riding, not playing).
It's pretty inspiring to see guys our age still out there, keeping the passion alive and owning those BMX tricks. There's just something timeless about the thrill of it.
It reminds me of the days when I used to ride with my buddies, pulling off stunts and living for that adrenaline rush. BMX has this unique charm that never fades.
But you know what, if you're ever itching for a change of pace and want to soak up some cinematic vibes, it might be worth checking out what's playing at the movies. There's nothing quite like catching a new release on the big screen, especially if it's a genre you're into.