Late 80's Allegro Blackcomb fillet brazed


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I have an 1987/88 Allegro Blackcomb frameset in 18” up for sale. It looks to be fillet-brazed, Canadian design with rollercam/U-brake mounts on the chainstay. Probably from the late 80’s. It came with mostly Deore XT parts, although the included head set is Deore and the brakes are Suntour SE Pedersen.

A lot of touched up places on the frame, but it does still look fairly nice. No dents or dings.

Btw, does anyone know more about Allegro bikes? Tried to find info on them the net, but couldn’t find much.

Measurements are:

18”/46 cm seat tube (c-t), and 52 cm top tube (c-c).

Below are a few pics of just the frame set and a couple showing it built up. The laid back 80’s geometry made for a really comfortable and nice ride, although the frame was too small for me.

Asking £70 plus postage (£30, FIN -> UK).

Included is: Frame, fork, Deore head set, BB (not good), Suntour front and rear brakes, Tioga T-bone stem and black cro-mo handle bars.








Whole bike (for reference only)



I just got the same bike and the fork is a „spinner“ like on my 91 kona project 2 . i bet the allegro brand sold out and then formed kona?
decal „canadian design,quality from the orient“ post yen shock bike, braze rod remnants under paint, heavy also. but cool and fun.
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xxnick1975":1myqwa5a said:
Lovely and give away price. What tubing is it?

Was a good price, may still be now, 8 years later :)

the tubing is a „cr-mo allegro“on the frame and the fork decals,
hope im not doing something wrong on here? im just into early mtb steel dude :cool:
Just building up one of these, apparently an earlier version with different stickers. This was Cap's Bicycles of Vancouver's house brand back in the day, designed locally but made in Taiwan.

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