Konas, lots of Konas.

New arrival has turned up in the form of a 93 Lavadome, first time i've seen one in that colour format so guessing it's possibly a American market bike or European spec🤷‍♂️ paint and decals are original.
And i thought i would pimp the 93 Explosif with a matching front wheel to the back so XTR hub and Mavic 231 rim, don't know why Kona didn't do that in the first place. And i've also pimped the bolts for the stem by replacing the rusty ones and giving it a quick tune up so it's ready to come out of hibernation 😁


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And the next donor bike i'm going to use for the Lavadome/Cindercone tribute bikes is my very own 94 Marin Pine Mountain had my fun using it but now time to move it on. So if anyone is after a 94 frameset give me a shout or keep your eyes out and check the for sale section.


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A busy day at the sanctuary!

That Explosif looks fast even when it's stood still.
Aye it's got that look about it 😀 and i can definitely say mate it's a flying machine it's effortless to get it up to speed, can't wait to start putting the miles on it again 😁
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Crude and i certainly wasn't looking for perfection but i love it, decided to put something on the frame and forks to say i done it so i painted S22B 1/1 on them 🙂

Also started to fit some parts onto the Firemountain and then quickly realised i need to build that and the Lavadome at the same time 🤔 reason being is i want the Firemountain with Deore LX but i want the Lavadome with a mixture of Deore LX and also Deore DX so i need all the parts together and pick and choose. This is how i can start confusing myself 😁 when i'm building because the Firemountain is about the parts (Deore LX) but the Lavadome is gonna be mainly about looks but with some better parts (Deore DX).

Stick with me and keep checking back it'll start to make sense soon 😂


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