Kona smoke 2-9 rebuild..one day finished and.. up in smoke!


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Just finished my old smoke 2-9 rebuild from my daily beater into a gravel-esk steed yesterday. I’ve had this ole smoke for years- I’ve been battering it year in year out- it had 3 spokes missing out the original rear wheel for 6 months with my 6 year old on the back- still true as a hell. Now that’s a solid bike, I felt like it deserved some love. I had to hack saw out the rusted in seat post- that was just the start of the fun. But then, finally..it was READY.
Today.. First outing, then parked it out the front for a while so the neighbours could appreciate it as well, and…. some old chap only goes and drives his car into the front of my house. Wipes out both mine and the missus bikes, the drain pipe and.. squashed the frame! Now I have a 9cm gap for the rear axle to fit in.
I wouldn’t mind so much but the one ride I got on it..was so damn sweet!! It rode like a dream, I bloody loved it!
If any one has an old smoke 2-9 frame lying around- PLEASE let me know!
I’m having a proper boo hoo this evening in its honour. RIP old girl


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Ugh, I've just been sick a little bit! Gutted for you man, but if the guy is insured how about taking it to a reputable framebuilder (perhaps @August Bicycles is up for a challenge?) and see if it could be resuscitated? After all, it's YOUR bike and it has sentimental value surely?
Damn -- you had it looking super sweet! But yep, as it's steel, presumably it could be mended if not too many tubes are damaged?