Kona Lava Dome 1992


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Hello. I'm new to the forum but hoping to get some advice about my Kona Lava Dome. I've had it from new in 1992 and loved it dearly. It is in decent condition, all genuine parts even down to the Project Two forks, saddle and water bottle. It needs some TLC, there are some rust spots on the bars and stem and it needs a good strip down and clean up...but I don't think there are any mechanical issues...it still rides really well. I just have had to come to the realisation that I don't have the time or know how to bring it back to its glory days. Any advice on what it might be worth would be very welcome vIMG20210715193338.jpgIMG20210715193348.jpgIMG20210715193355.jpgIMG20210715193358.jpgIMG20210715193418.jpg