Kona Hot Serial Number List - update 18/03/24

New addition and one of the first 250. Ouch to the rust, but an interesting colour-way choice I've never seen before on a Hot. The green/grey looks like it has some metallic sparkle to it. No SN pics, just the quote from the seller.

TET 216 - 17" 1993 Green/grey to forest green fade - Triangle cut-out Drop Out.

Two absolute crackers have surfaced...no SN's yet but fingers crossed the owner comes through. They may already be on the list checking the records, in which case it's just nice to see them again!

View attachment 796028

A 16" 93 in a superb gold/green finish.

View attachment 796029

Is this the a second purple/green Hodaka Hot or the one already listed? We'll find out.
The gold to green fade Hot is 1993 TET 431. Yes, it is already listed. The Purple with green flame Hot painted by Velograhic is KH77023. Yes, it is already listed. Both bikes are now in Fort Collins, Colorado.
One of the rougher Hots I just found ! 15.5" as it's had it's seat-tube lopped off.

Serial # H09607080
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