KONA frames (Explosif, Cinder Cone)


Dave Yates Fan
Hi J,
I can confirm that the Orange one is a 98, I had it resprayed at Colourtech in Dartford as the original blue paintwork was in such poor condition. Unfortunately the paint wasn't fully hardened when I built it up, hence the marks from the front mech. I think I have some before and after pics if that would help show it's a genuine explosif. There is also the previous for sale thread on here when I bought it from a fellow retrobiker.
Why are you selling? You were so keen to buy it off me in the first place?

EDIT - I just looked back through my posts to see if I could find the thread where I originally bought it. I'm thinking it was in 2009 / 10 ish but Retrobike no longer seems to go back that far


Retro Guru
Yes it is but if you ar UK based shipping can be a pain. Frame is in Hungary. let me know if you are still interested.
cheers J.