Killer V frame build up.


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Yeah, I think it’s going to have to be the Girvins. I was going to go with an xt730 groupset and canti’s but I’m going to need v-brakes with those. I have some nice Hope Ti-glide wheels with blue hubs and some other bits that I reckon will suit this.
Hopefully get the polishing done this weekend and then I can start building.


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Been busy with other bits and bobs but managed to crack on with the polishing today. Found a small crack in the drive side chain/seat stay join.. ☹️
Looks like it’s back to the welders I go before the build starts..
Stay tuned..07664090-3F9F-4229-B119-B94FBD7F1A9D.jpeg


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Presto change-oh! My local welders are absolute legends! Couple of bottles of vintage cider and £15 later..
Took about 1/2hr of careful filing/sanding/polishing and bam, you’d never know.


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Finished frame polishing (for now) and applied fresh decals. Made a start assembling, wheels came off my Proflex which I just bought.. not sure if they’ll stay (they’re currently listed on eBay..) but they seem to suit the angles of the bike and fork.
Will try my Hope Ti-glides on and see what they look like, the 230tib rim on the rear has a couple of micro cracks from the spoke eyelets but I have some nice 230sbp rims spare so can rebuild them..
Super happy with this so far, genuinely a dream bike for me. :)
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They are beautiful frames. I had a 94 Delta V 600. I didn't keep it long. I rode it a few times and it was fine but I was always afraid of cracking that frame.


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Great bikes! Love mine, without looking at the BB shell it's an early one, April or May 93. Had a few changes, now on M560 LX as per the early UK ones. Still gets me the odd strava medal too 😎


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