Sold Karma Thule Euroclassic 914 4 bike Claimed! pending collection


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If this needs to go somewhere else please move, I dropped it here as I figured it’s the audience most likely to need this!

Karma 4 bike carrier. Towbar mounted. I don’t have a car with a towbar anymore and this is taking up space in the greenhouse.

It’s a decent bit of kit was a few hundred£ when I bought it a while ago but appreciate there are lighter and better ones now available.

*now have a box suitable so will post at cost to anyone who wants it* Guess will be about £30 postage?
My neighbour borrowed it and said it was safe but moved about (swayed) a bit on his towbar, something may need tightening up etc but it’s not missing any parts. I don’t have a towbar to test it on even if I were to try and adjust the fitment (have included photo of parts concerned). I can’t find the keys but it’s all unlocked, they are available to buy online. Holds 4 bikes nice and strong, tilts to allow boot to open if needed.

Collection only from a few miles north of Peterborough.

I would like to think it will benefit a family holiday or similar but can’t control what you do with it! In the spirit of karma I wouldn’t really want to see it flipped straight on to eBay.

Drop me a PM if you are interested.

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Postage now available, fits perfectly in a Paisley Freight bike box of which I now have one! Guesstimate £30 postage cost to whoever wants it.

Will give it a week then put it on fleabay which I’m trying to avoid, but need the space back in the greenhouse!