Sold Karma- Ambrosio 1" Thread less headset


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Long story short i need a 1 1/8" and was sold this unfortunately for the seller it was labelled up incorrectly and is actually an 1". The seller refunded me and said to do what i like with the head set.

Unused but has a couple of scratches on the unseen areas.
From memory these were quite an expensive brand but i can find minimal info on the net about them.
It is certainly a quality piece coming with a star or expander setup and still has the rubber bung to cover the Allen head

Entertain me for the time it takes to read your "Why i should have the headset" post, and i will pick someone later this week and send it out to them. (FOC)


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Hello montair,
I recently acquired an aluminium Jeff Bruce frame dating back to the first half of the 90's, complete with Sintema Design carbon forks with 1'' carbon steerer and what I assume is the original headset, a Stronglight Headstrong 1'' tapered roller bearing headset.Tragically one of the bearing shells is cracked through meaning a replacement is necessary if the headset is to be used and the expander plug cap is also absent!😞

Hopefully the above tale of woe will put me in the running for the very desirable Ambrosio headset you are so kindly giving away.

Yours in anticipation,



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Wow, great result and certainly will be for someone else too once you decide on the winning story :) Let me try my 5p worth:

I have never built a bike with a threadless headset, as spanner and thread is all I know, but seeing all this young ones with their sleek machines made of that tiny black stuff in the middle of piece of wood we used to sharpen to write on paper in the olden days, I ought to give it a go.
Especially as that lovely, but a bit abused to say the least Gios that I'm starting to rebuild came with one of them.
I do like a freebie (who doesn't), but I am prepared to offer you a pack of Haribos and one of those fad and pointless books about 'cycling', (well if I find it) in exchange.


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Nice and simple since there were 2 of you, coin toss. Markone you were heads and Foreigner you were tails.
Heads won, so Markone can you Pm me an address and unless you are the same Markone i bought one of my Avantimes from (which would be very bizzare) i will get it posted ASAP.

@ Foreigner i must admit i did nearly rig the spin as i do like a Haribo.


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Hello montair,
Great,It's my lucky day and my commiserations to Foreigner! I am not the Markone you refer to,by the way.

PM on its way.


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