K L E I N Quantum Pro


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This was a frame and fork only purchase from Craigslist for $150 US. To put that into perspective I paid more for the TI eggbeater pedals than the frame and fork :shock: A $4000.00 + bike back in the day. It's a great climber.
Full Dura Ace. FSA Carbon cranks.


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Thanks guy's, the pics really do not do this bike justice. The paint is very cool. One way it looks purple and when you turn it around it looks copper.


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addicted":248t396n said:
Dare- took a ride up Mt Lemon today. 4000 ft climb. She performed awesome.

Yes, yes! That is the fun I was refering to ;)

Unfortunately, there are no big uphills here where I live and certainly no Quantums for 150$.