Juchem inc Paris Dakar, double rollercams SOLD


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......................SOLD THANKS....................................Here’s a bit of a rarely seen beauty. Late 80’s bike from Germany’s Juchem. Look up the brand if you don't know them, they are still building uber high end custom aluminium. It carries beautiful Kleinesque smooth welds, internal cables. The frame has an offset rear end so runs a dishless rear wheel. Scroll a couple of posts down and you’ll see a picture from above that shows the asymmetric seat stays. The chain-stays are seamlessly joined to the B.B. shell by a yoke type piece that is made in a hollow 2 piece clamshell style piece that looks almost carbonesque once painted. The seat tube looks like a plain round tube to the naked eye but get very close indeed and it is formed to widen under the front mech clamp and the top tube/ seatstay junction. The tube has spiral butting cut inside the tube in a similar manner to Columbus six tubes. All unseen details but they reflect on the quality of the build and a high attention to detail. The bike runs a 1” fork but has an oversize headtube and runs aluminium reducers. These were missing in action when I got the bike so I had some more made and pressed in. XT mechs levers and thumbs, specialised chainset with titanium outer chainring bolts. Pedals are pre greaseguard Suntour Xc pro’s. Bottom bracket is a brand new shimano un54. suntour holey rollercams, mavic Paris Dakar hubs on mavic m261 rims, there’s a little sink on the rear rim but it runs above the pads so you can’t feel anything under braking. Breezer hite rite, rolls saddle. American stem (has been taken down to 21.1mm to match the fork steerer. Brand new 3 layer candy blue powder coat, Modern ish bars and post. Schwalbe amberwalls (a bit old and crispy!). Suntour screw on freewheel has one tooth missing but I’ve run it like this for some years without any problems. All cables and brake pads are new, pads are aztecs, I have the original pads if you want them but they are monumentally shit!
Ask me things and I’ll give you answers. If anybody asks what the threaded boss under the seatclamp is for i’ve no idea, it’s a mystery to everyone!
Bike has just been rebuilt so everything is well assembled, greased and good to roll.....I haven't spent hours scrubbing the wheels though!
Seattube centre to top measures 20.5"
seattube centre to top is 16.75"
top tube is 535mm
I'm 6ft 1" and bought it in line with its long seat tube, It caught me out as in reality it is more like a short 18". In true 80's style it has a long old back end so all in it makes a nice sedate cruising machine!

Now £299 posted. Courier delivery to Uk mainland only, Highlands and Islands will incur a cost as my courier charges through the roof to post to those lucky enough to be remote and wild!

Reduced again to £280 posted


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Re: Juchem. 80's German aluminium with double roller cams.

what size is it, have you got any pics? and of course, how much?