Joop Zoetemelk 1980 Tour de France winner knocked off bike


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Not sure what bike he was on or exactly what happened but I'm sure this will emerge soon
It's great to see Joop has been out cycling after the lockdown and he is really impressed with the new machine, it's just such a great shame this has happened on such a special day.


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Joop won the first Tour I ever watched. Hope he gets well soon. A couple of weeks later the 'Ti Raleigh Tour of Ireland'' came to my local town. Joop's picture was featured in the press adverts promoting it.
So there was me expecting to see Joop and the boys come to town!

No Joop of course but there was a large presence of English amateurs, the Pocket Rocket Steve Joughin won in an uphill sprint, Bob Downs held the lead I think. Mark Bell and a lot of others rode as well if I recall.
I had just started reading Cycling a few weeks before, so these were riders that I read about so it was all good. :D

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