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All prices include postage (UK)
PP F&F please

I really need to start clearing stuff so priced too sell, anything that don't go I'll list on Fleabay come Sunday.

7 pairs of grips all used but in a decent presentable condition and non badly worn.
£18 posted
Edit; Actually 8 pairs, also includes a pair of Bontrager lock on grips. - sold

Job lot of NOS grips x pairs of Ergon grips, 1 pair of comforts £12 - That works out at £3 a pair!

Job lot of NOS hydraulic disc brake pads
2X Giant MPH pads
3x Clarks VRX disc pads to fit Deore XT, M775 DH, Hope Mono 4 & 5.
2 X Hayes GX2/MX2
3 X Semi-metallics
1 x MX1
1 x Avid pads

£22 now £20
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Hi, I'd rather not split.
I don't have the time at the moment to be packaging hundreds of items, editing listings and making so many trips to the post office in all honesty.