JMC Site Banner Charity Auction


Dirt Disciple
Hope it's ok to post this info here, might be of interest any JMC fans.

Cranked magazine have started an auction of the poster that has been at the crash site featuring Steve Behr’s iconic images of Jason – to raise money for Children in Need. This is all being done with Rose and Jim’s blessing and is the poster shown below.

100% of the winning bid to Children in Need, and you’ll receive a piece of mountain biking history in return.

The auction closes at 10pm on 13th November, which is the date of the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal Show.

In addition to the poster Bike Ninja are also including a complete set of four JMC Legacy mugs for the winning bidder.

You can find out more about Jason’s extraordinary life in Cranked #22.

The auction is taking place on the Cranked website here ... n-in-need/