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It's never worth £150, they haven't even bothered to align the tyre decals with the rim decals.
Ebay and Gumtree have long been overunn with illegitimate adverts for vehicles and now seems to be filtering down into lower price items. 'Seller' probably isn't even in this hemisphere. Ebay will not take adverts down despite being reported. Hacked accounts are full of 5 year old Range Rovers for 9K, usually with a 'clean title'. Not even a term used in this country? Try to contact them and they will ship it to you when they return off holiday if you make the payment now 👍. How kind of them on their holiday eh? Bloody nice chap. Selling a few lower price items will reinforce the image of a trusted seller. Beware of your hard earned when things seem to good to be true.

For distance selling it's Paypal only and report in under 30 days. Do not accept a postage target outside of this 30 day window.
Sellers usually become coy when asked about viewing. 'I only live 5 mins away' it's still not possible. Listing says cash on collection but they will push the delivery with AnyVan option. You may receive a wheel nut if you are lucky.
My first thoughts where a bit it's a bit suspect as the bike looks immaculate and the guy doesn't have the best ratings!
Here you go

Ok....thats hilarious, that is the seller who posted the picture of his 'uncles' stash of garage bikes that we all had a good laugh about on here with his composite picture etc
clearly I got to him as hes now changed his ID to my name...what an absolute twat.....he was Andy before, maybe that was the last person that accused him of being a scammer....some people are very messed up in the head.
So don't worry, there was no bike, just a fantasy scammer fuckwit.
Going by the seller name it’s the same guy that had posted up a full load of bikes pictured together, that were his uncles,but the pics were not his although he said he had taken the pics after getting them out the lockup.
Advert pics were from original owners garden that he sold them on yrs bk.
never sold them. there still sat here in the barn.

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