Hope headset removal - Problem


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I did indeed manage to borrow a headset removal tool from the LBS and after a great deal of struggle, managed to get the headset out the frame, but it was in there as tight as any headset i've ever fitted. I knew this as i fitted it and it went in with great difficulty.
Only problem i have now is I've managed to drift out the upper bearing, which wasn't exactly meant to come out, thought that shows you can get them out if you really needed to.
Thing is, I wouldnt mind replacing that bearing, as it felt in place a bit gritty.
So anyone know what the bearings were in the original headsets ?.
At a push I might be able to measure it, but it would only be an approximate guess, and i'd prefer to know the exact size.

I'm quite sure if i drifted one out that wasnt meant to come out by the home mechanic user, i can drift a replacement back in there.