Hope Evo cranks. Fakery?


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I've just paid for, but not yet received a nice set of hope Evo cranks. While doing some post purchase research, I stumbled on a thread, possibly on here talking about various fake bits from Ali Express (yes, I expect under the ambassadorship of David Beckham, they clean up their act).

While I have no reason to doubt the set I bought aren't genuine, I'd like to be sure.

How can I verify they are the real deal?

I do have a set already which I've not yet used, never occured to me that they weren't genuine as hadn't seen anything about fakes until now. I can of course compare them, but if they are both not genuine, they'll be the same, as they would be if good and proper.

Help me cast away the seed of doubt.
Price will be the key factor.

High end bike stuff from a high end bike component company will always be expensive in a retail shop, be that down the road, or in a city in south east Asia.
Super cheap = Forgery.
Price was about right for a used one so that is sort of comforting.
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Here's the item in question. Arrived much faster than I expected.

Looks decent, and to be fair I thought they were used but seems to be new.


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Probably genuine, even a far east faker would have run a finishing pass to remove those tooling marks in the fluted bit 🤣
The cranks look good - and if it didn't take 3 weeks then they didn't come from China - although items offered as used but turn out to be new does ring alarm bells.

Check the sellers other items - if its Versace luggage and Taylor Swift tickets that's bad. If its bent xtr and broken cannondales that's good.😁

Why don't you ask Hope?
Send them a photo. They are real people.
2 days delivery.

Seller has 100% feedback and lots of it.

Had thought to ask on here to get opinions but may contact hope, good idea.
They’re probably real, but if I worked in Hope’s QA dept, I wouldn’t be happy with the chatter on the back face of the arms.
Not all Chinesium stuff has long delivery lead times. A lot (well, some) Chinese students 'attending' UK universities run off-shore distribution for companies that also trade on AliExpress and Temu.
Additionally, don't believe company names and web addresses. Normally I'm careful about stuff but while under pressure earlier in the month I placed an order for a laptop battery with UK Laptop Accessories as other retailers were out of stock. After two weeks of no delivery and no movement on the 'tracking' website I dug deeper to discover that the company appears to be a band operating out of ShenZhen flogging knock-offs and playing the PayPal refund rules by refusing refunds until items are returned to them at customer's expense - which then get 'lost' when they arrive in China. I placed another order for the same battery with a Polish company on Wednesday and fitted the thing yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Whether I'll get a refund for non-delivery is still up in the air.
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