Holdsworth mystery


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Hi folks,

Thanks for adding me to the forum, I have a question about the age of my Holdsworth as far as I can tell the serial number is “33430”. I’ll attach some pictures which may help, my dad bought it from a work colleague for me around 1977/8 I think !

I know I was way too small to use it for many years so my dad used it to go to work on. This left it in a sorry and rusty state by the time I could finally ride it so we took it to a local bike shop to get it serviced. I can still remember the old guy in the shop saying do you know what you’ve got there ? It’s a Holdsworth ! And he made a comment about the rear thin forks, and how it was a good racing bike.

So we decided to send it away to Liverpool on their advice to get the whole frame dipped and to have it resprayed in the orange Holdsworth colours as it was looking a bit sorry for itself. When it returned we upgraded the wheels and gears etc and I’ve had it and ridden it ever since.

I will never part with it as it was from my dad but I’d love to know any information about its date of manufacture etc. Any advice and information is greatly appreciated cheers



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There's a thread on here where you post the frame number and a pic of the bike plus bb and someone will give you more info. From memory it looks like an Equipe.


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bottom bracket (where the pedal / crank axle goes thru the frame)- the frame number is stamped on the underside

edit - Ahh picture 4
Yeah thanks mate 👍 bottom bracket got it 👍 looking at the serial number I’m guessing it’s about 1967 cheers Tim 👍