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I havent been very active here in recent years, but it in no way means that my retro-love have vanished. Quite the opposite!
But i admit i feel a bit guilty in not contributing to the community how i should.
More so, because some fellow retrobikers are loosing faith in my neverending NOS Mountain Cycle MOHO build :LOL:
So let me redeem myself with thread of another unfinished NOS build of mine :LOL: :LOL:

This one is special with cool story im looking forward to share.
Ill start just with detail of a dropout. Can you guess it? :cool:



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Re: Mysterious - SuperRare - Exotic!

An e-stay, Funk a good guess, could be an Alpinestars but not very exotic, unless the Ti Mega, but looks like Alu!?
Re: Mysterious - SuperRare - Exotic!

Funk is a good guess. It has similar diagonal dropout, but this is more exotic and rare. :cool:
Re: Mysterious - SuperRare - Exotic!

Mantis is very cool. This one is rarer i dare to say. It doesnt have its thread here on Retrobike yet!
Re: Mysterious - SuperRare - Exotic! (Retrobike Premiere)

Its not Ventana either. Its southwest. Also long time out of business. By 1999 company stoped making frames. But there was an interesting evolution involving several bike brands..