Help: Tyres for Rigida 27 x 1 1/4 vintage PUCH


Retro Newbie
Hi there,

I’m new to vintage bikes but reconditioned by father in laws 1976 PUSH and the final piece of the puzzle are the tyres.

The rims are 27 x 1 1/4 Rigida but very shallow. I’m sure clinchers came off the bike but I stupidly forgot to keep them. There is no bedding on the rim so the tyres I bought pull off over 50 psi. I’m seeking vintage look brown or beige side walls.

My father in law passed away so I’m riding Erotca Britannia in his memory on his beloved PUCH.

Any help and guidance very much appreciated.



Retro Wizard
Hi, I guess it's a Puch :). Any beaded tyre of that size should fit, Panaracer Pasela are popular as are Scwalbe. 1976 would be tan walls :)