Help needed for my Holdsworth build


Retro Guru
Personally, on my tourer I run a 7s triple with Shimano bar end shifters. It's bombproof. The wider hub flanges have less dish and make for a stronger rear wheel for loaded touring. 13/30 cassette with 24/38/47 chainset.
On my all-day road bike, it's 1999 Campag Chorus/Record 9 speed. Again, really solid, never needs adjustment.
Personally I avoid anything more than 9 speed as it gets tetchy and/or fragile. Yes, I am a retrogrouch.

46/30 with a 12-28 or similar sounds good to me. The only thing I wouldn't like about it is that the 30 might be too low and the 46 too high, with a big gap in between. It depends on where you live (if Sheffield or Devon it might be ideal), fitness etc.

Good call on the ratios. I like in the South East and where I am a 30 mile ride is about 2500-3000ft elevation. Tends to be lots of steep climbs and then just flat. So the elevation profile is very short and sharp. Fitness is average, I do think on some the 30 with a 28 rear might be too low but I don’t really know until I try. I’m happy with 9 speed to be honest, I won’t gain a massive amount with a 10 for the riding I will be doing. Just want it to look good as well which obviously makes it go faster right?!

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