Gravity research brakes, Prices dropped again!


Old School Grand Master
Gravity Research Rim Crushers superb/rare/excellent condition 40.00(SOLD!!!)

Gravity ............. Pipe Dreams awesome condition 40.00

Gravity Research brake levers superb condition 50.00(SOLD!!!)

Gravity ............ Rear skewer NOS Very, very rare 25.00

Nos Control Tech 3d violet bars( one small mark) 25.00

Hershey 28.6 NOS silver collar 18.00

Control Tech brake (1) front or rear NOS 28.00(SOLD!!!)
COOK BROS seat q-release NOS 22.00 (SOLD!!!)

AVID tri dangle NOS 6.00(SOLD!)

All prices include postage to the UK. I accept Paypal and personal cheques..PM for any questions and please do not moan publicly if you think im selling things too expensive mail me and negotiate ;)


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More pics

Heres a couple more pics of the parts :D


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Brakes are canti

nporternz":134gr0ko said:
are the brakes v or canti?

Hello Nic, the brakes are canti fella but the rear ones now sold, just the front Pipe Dreams left for sale..

Also people, the Gravity levers are now sold and also the COOK Bros seat q-release :D
Gravity stuff

This Gravity Research stuff does not come up very often..

No other offers on the blue PIPE DREAM cantis or rear skewer?

Ive dropped the price on the Hershey collar and also the Control Tech

bars..Im just trying to get back what ive paid for stuff and avoid getting

stuffed by Paypal fees :roll:

Offers by P.M.

kase1983":2gi359ul said:
if the skewers was a pair id defo be intrested. :(

heya matey, i think the skewer is so cool its good enough to mix and match..

in fact same rule for any Gravity stuff its that holy grailish ;)
Prices dropped

I have dropped the prices on most things ;)

All prices include p&p to UK addresses, a little more if out of UK.