Going from car free to car lumbered.

That's good to here Raidan. Not only the list as yet, but got GP appt Tuesday afternoon where I will get down on my knees and beg if I have to.

I suffered for several years with mine but it was all down to my own stubbornness/hope it would get better, which of course it did not! I was in and out the next day and while it was pretty f**cking sore for a couple of weeks it was a small price to pay. The consultant said I had to cut short my sky-diving and jump bike hobbies (neither of which I had started anyway) but anything that didn't create significant direct downwards force would be fine. I play football twice a week now and it causes me no loss of mobility. My knee swells up like a balloon but I'm sure it's fine 🤣
Well, got it safely home. The roads are wet and filthy and I don't think the poor thing has ever been so dirty. It certainly won't be getting wiped clean after every drive with me.

Not that I plan to drive it. Hip doesn't feel so bad today, somitllbe a bike ride into town to pick up Mrs CTECs prescriptions.
A footnote to this.

Mrs CTEC has a hospital appointment today. In these unpleasant snowy conditions her weighty, ultra-torguey electric car on road tyres was not the best tool for the job.

So my ickle 2008 on its 3-peaks snow rated all weather tyres and with its "snow-motion" traction control was pressed into service. Just got back from dropping her off (its a 6 hour appt) and in the 24 mile round trip I found the 2008 at be limpet like and assured with rock solid directional stability, not the slightest hint of wheelspin or under/oversteer. I took it very steady and let the tyres and snow motion doobrey do the heavy lifting while watching everyone else slither, slide and wheel spin all over the place.

Previously it was exciting to me as the fridge, but I now love my big hearted 2008.
The bane of many a citroen owner

Water gets in and that's that as pins rot through

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Erm, is that what’s happening to mine since the rain began? Get a chorus of warnings on the dashboard every time I start this week. ABS, hill start brake thing, stability control, tyre inflation, the works. It’s a 2014 C4 Picasso. Where is the ECU? Guess I need to dry it out somehow.


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