Gios Evolution MTB project info


Dirt Disciple
Hey Guys,

Found this frame a year or two ago and dug it up again during the spring cleaning of my stash.

I did found some small info online but there is not a lot. Some speak of a prototype but there are some around so this sounds unlikely to me. Can't seem to find this colour either online. Does anybody have anymore info on this frameset?

P1000089 by Stef Renard, on Flickr
P1000087 by Stef Renard, on Flickr
P1000086 by Stef Renard, on Flickr
P1000088 by Stef Renard, on Flickr
Have a bump - looks great and never knew Gios made a mountain bike.
Is that a spoke holder on the drive side chainstay? I'd say it's early, 92/93 at the newest?

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