Wanted Giant mcm frame

Hi, definitely interested if 17.5 c-t but that looks a little bigger than my old frame. If you could double check the measurements and let me know, that'd be great
Thanks, but that's a 19" and unfortunately too big for me. I had a 17.5" back in the day. Bought new and they definitely measured centre to top, which is the same as most mtb companies.
No worries, at least I know now.. Brilliant frames, i'm actually a bit reluctant to sell it even if it just sits in a cupboard for the next 15yrs when I build a bike up again..
Yeah, they are epic frames! Regret getting rid of my 97 race bike. Yours should be snapped up in team colours. My old one was plain black with yellow decals (not as nice as yours).
I'm torn whether to sell it, hence the asking price - it's worth more to me than selling it for a song. Many years of epic fun had on that bike.

Something about them, stiff yet compliant, all the strength in the right places and then the geometry is spot on.

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