Karma FREE Trebz's Karma Giveaway Time - 1988 Specialized Rockhopper.


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Hi All

I'm giving my 1988 Rockhopper (Blue) away for free. I really don't have time to box it up and work with couriers but hit me up if you want it. I may be able to box it, you never know. The bike differs slightly from the images as the saddle has been changed and the rear mech is not 1988 factory spec The XT rear mech has been removed and is being put on another bike. It's 90% built so will need finishing off and it needs a chain, unless I can find one in the loft. I'd been using it as a work bike so I know it's a good runner. Sadly I need to let it go as need the space, I can't be bothered with putting it up for sale on Fleabay or FB Marketplace so here it is, free, to you guys and gals.

Linky to Rockhopper bike info and images
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I mean if someone wants to drop me a few quid ....then i'll not argue hehehe

I just can't be bothered to put it up for sale and faff about for weeks on end managing the FB Markelplace 'Is this still available' stuff.

Better than that, he's moved up in life to Hull.

Yes, back in Hull. If someone wants to arrange a courier to pick it up then let's have a chat. It's getting to a point where i'll have to take it to the shop at the local tip. I need to let this one go and really want it to go to an enthusiast. It deserves better than to be passed off to the tip guys. Come on, someone rescue it please....
Hi Trebz, I live pretty close and would love to take this off your hands if it's still available please. I am trying to message you but can't quite work it out lol