F E Dunning. A classy Willesden gentleman builder.


Bingo, I also have a Dave Marsh 653, very light and fast, really nice ride, im surprised they aren't more sought after
I'm quite happy DMs are not 'known'.
Much cheaper to buy that way, for the cognoscenti; )
A bit like Viscounts with their "Death Fork Syndrome".
Puts lots of people off, & keeps prices low when you buy....

Maybe we should have a dedicated Dave Marsh thread here on RB to showcase them a little?
Mine has a 531DB frame, but very nice to ride: )
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Land_Raver":2ipvhfxj said:
Your wheels need to have some skinny amber wall tyres. I have had the same clearance issues and found that Panaracer 27x1" give the retro narrow look with good clearance.
27" tyres are a PITA when it comes to choices IMHO.
I'm reverting to 700s soon for that reason. (+ more guard clearances)
I was just experimenting with the possibilities above: )

A tourer needs more than smooth skinnies for practical use as a distance load carrier.