Explosif 1992

Fork Upgrade

Since I got this Explosif I planned to upgrade the fork to a triple butted Project 2. Today is the day. Here are the steps I went through;

Start with a TB fork. Thanks again @Spanky22b - top bloke.


Paint it.


I removed the eyelets for a cleaner look and opted for the earlier Project 2 logo as I prefer it to the 91/92 version. Decals courtesy of @gil_m .

Finished item:



Happy with that.

Now to see what the ride is like.

Weight comparison:

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Curious to know if you've noticed a difference between the forks
Good question. I don't know if I am that skilled a rider to notice the difference :D
The bike has always felt very agile. I am sure the TB forks have enhanced that by some degree.
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