Early 90s Marin frame sharing


Dirt Disciple
Was this a thing? my frame number seems to suggest I have a Pine Mountain but its stickered as a Bobcat Trail frame number MA3ASB1452.

It has a Tange Cromo decal also.

Was the Bobcat trail the first in the lineup? so lowest spec?

Is it alluminium or steel? As that dont look like a marin steel frame number...

Picture of frame would help....

As knowing the year from the paint would be useful start
That's a 93 i think....

In which case the 3 in your number is correct, as thats the year. M is for the Marvel factory.

The A should be a number.....
I was thinking about upgrading components but it rides so nice why mess with it.

my goal was to find out if the higher steel models are any lighter, I’d be tempted to buy a top end version in some paint scheme.

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